Our Philosophy

Ramirez Asset Management consistently employs a repeatable risk controlled approach in an effort to achieve results which exceed the specified benchmark over a market cycle. This philosophy has not changed since RAM’s founding.

  • Helping our clients achieve their investment objectives is fundamental to everything we do at RAM
  • We believe the best way to add value relative to a benchmark is through sector allocation and security selection
  • Duration and term structure positioning are tightly regulated on a comparative benchmark basis
  • RAM emphasizes our highest convictions expressed in varying degrees based on our relative value outlook
  • The organization follows a team approach and takes a long term view on investing

Our Process

The investment process at RAM is consistently implemented across all of our investment strategies. Our objective is to help our clients achieve their long term investment goals through diversification of holdings. We seek to add value across all risk attributes including duration, yield curve positioning, sector allocation and security selection.

  • RAM employs a blend of top-down and bottom-up analysis at the center of our investment process
  • The team follows a benchmark driven approach to top down decision making which is overseen by our Investment Committee
  • We employ a compilation of quantitative and qualitative inputs in bottom up portfolio construction for sector allocation and security selection
  • Relative value determination by portfolio managers and analysts are central to portfolio strategy implementation
  • Risk management is central to our process and employed at all stages of portfolio management